Full Steam Ahead!

I am currently working on a piece inspired by a photo I recently took at Downtown Crossing in Boston. I became interested in puddle photography a couple of days earlier when I spotted the reflection of the theater district neon lights on the street in the rain. When I took this shot, it wasn't raining, but a guy was spraying the sidewalk to clean it. 

I put my iPhone as close to the ground as possible, upside down so the lens was about an inch off the ground. In the street was a large metal plate, covering some road work. It's covered with rust, and reflects the light in a beautiful and unusual way. It reminds me of the water in the foreground of the Cosi Cosi paintings. 

I'm loving the way this is going. I didn't bother with a sketch. I've finally embraced my style and approach. Just paint. Fix the problems as they come. Forge ahead. Full Steam!