Fits and Starts

I finished the "Bar at Cafe Heaven," and immediately put paper on the easel for a drawing of more boys at Boy Beach. After some work, I wasn't in love with the composition, so I shelved it for further consideration. But, drawing the figures made me want to continue working on figures. Looking around, I noticed I had an unopened 11x14 canvas and a photo I had edited with a father and two girls. I had taken several photos of them, but none was perfect, so I Photoshopped the father and one girl from one photo, and replaced them in another photo to get them in the poses I wanted.

Usually, with figures, I would make a detailed drawing, then transfer to the canvas. This time I didn't bother with the paper drawing and transfer. I'm not convinced it saves me time, and I always make mistakes in the drawing that need to be fixed later anyway. It's funny how this frustrating process is what drove me to take art classes, and what I learned is that this *is* the process. However, after years of classes, it's a lot easier when you know how to draw! 

I'm really enjoying this one already.