Brooks' Wharf, Provincetown
Cosi, 3 of 3. (version 1)
Cosi 3 of 3 (version 2)
Cosi, 2 of 3. (version 1)
Cosi, 3 of 3, (version 2)
Boy Beach, Provincetown
After the Gastro-pub, Soho, London
Gulls on Gloucester Harbor
Haiku Corner, Myers and Chang
Beacon Hill Gaslamp
Morning Commute, Mass. Ave. Bridge (version 2)
110 Chauncy Street, Boston
Duck Silhouettes, Boston Esplanade
Beacon Hill Sunrise
Tuscany Sunset
Boston from Cambridge, 1 of 2.
Jacob Wirth, Co.
Motif #1
Shoeshine, Leather District
Afternoon at The Canteen
Cosi, 1 of 3
The Bar at Cafe Heaven
Boston Brownstone
73B Commercial Street, Provincetown
347 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Paramount Streetscape
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