I am an artist living and working in the Boston area. I have been painting on my own since 1996, and have been taking classes at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston since 2009. 

My work has been displayed at Conchetta's Gallery in Marblehead, Massachusetts, The Sprinkler Factory Gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts, and at the Healing Arts Gallery at Monadnock Community Hospital. 

I began my interest in art through photography, and continue to use photographs as the primary source of my material. One of my artistic endeavors is to work more from life and to explore plein aire painting. 

I’m not sure my work falls into any particular style, beyond contemporary realism. I tend toward a photo-realistic effect, but strive to apply paint in a way that appears spontaneous and fluid, letting the imagination complete the scene.

I can be reached at dbennettfinearts@gmail.com.